70mai A800 4K Dash Cam



Accessories Options

70mai RC06 Rear Camera

Recording back of your car

  • 1920*1080 HD
  • 130° Wide Angle
  • F2.0 Aperture

70mai Hardware Kit

Applied in parking surveillance

Ensure power during long-recording when the car is parked
* You have to purchase accessories separately.

Never resting on our laurels, we are constantly exploring new possibilities on what a great dash cam should be.

The 70mai A800 is our answer

Super High Resolution of 4K UHD

The A800 pushes the limits of image quality with the industry's highest standard up to 4K Ultra High Definition* of 3840*2160 delivering incredibly clear frames when you are on a road trip.

Outstanding Image Quality

The A800 uses 7 pieces of high quality glasses with F1.8 Aperture and Sony IMX415 Sensor that process frames faster to deliver a more clear and vivid image.

Dual-Vision of Front & Rear Camera

Equipped with RC06 rear camera, the A800 can achieve dual-vision recording which allows you to capture both the road ahead of you and behind, adding another pair of eyes on the road so you can drive without fear. Install the rear camera easily without connecting cables or plugging in ports.

*In Dual-Vision mode, front camera up to 3840*2160 (4K) and rear camera 1920*1080.

Super Night Vision

The A800 uses an F/1.8 aperture lens with 3D DNR (Dynamic Noise Reduction) technology and smart AI algorithm to reduce image noise. This allows the A800 to have outstanding low-light performance, delivering you the clearest image during any time of day or certain weather conditions.

The Advanced Driving-Assistance System

The Advanced Driving-Assistance System (ADAS) detects your surroundings and has real-time voice alerts to warn you of safety problems. The Lane-departure Warning System will alert you when the car starts drifting from your own lane by monitoring lane marks on the road. The Forward-Collision Warning system can recognize and monitor vehicles ahead of you, calculating their speed and the space between your cars to prevent forward collisions during driving.

24-Hour Parking Surveillance

Keep monitoring when you are away. The built-in G-sensor can automatically detect sudden shakes or collisions and will start recording so that you can capture any incident while parked. You will get a notification to check your event recordings in 70mai app if an incident happens.

*Install the A800 with optional 70mai hardware kit is highly recommended.

GPS Built-In

A GPS built-in dash cam processes the data more efficient and faster. It acts as an accurate trip computer and can be viewed in 70mai app. The data includes: mileage, range, average speed, max speed, duration, etc. It's great for long trips to track the exact location of an accident if one should occur.

In-app Control & Footage Sharing

Connect the 70mai APP with the dash cam's own WiFi, you can set and control the camera within the app as well as manage, download and share your footage.

Sharing is not a problem anymore with 70mai A800. Share the footage to your insurance provider right after having an incident. Share your photos or videos to social media platforms including Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, VK, etc. Save your memories of anywhere you go and anything you see in the trip.

Loop Recording

The A800 uses loop recording to continuously overwrite older footage so you don't need a new card once the card fills to capacity. You can check and download recorded videos in the 70mai APP.

Be your own witness,
drive without fear.