70mai Power Station Tera 1000

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70mai Power Station Tera 1000


1. Will you ship to my area/ country?

- Please note that Tera 1000 is only applicable to orders in the US and Canada for now.

2. Does the shipping cost include duty,VAT or GST?

- The shipping cost includes duty, VAT or GST in most regions.

3. Can Tera 1000 be charged and power devices simultaneously?

- Yes.70mai power station supports pass through charging, which means it can be charged and power your devices simultaneously.

4. What's the charging time?

- Tera 1000 can be charged to 0%-80% in about 1 hour,and be fully recharged in 2 hours through AC cable or gas generator
Tera 1000 can be fully recharged in 6 hours through solar panels with 200W input wattage.
Can be fully charged through a car port in 10 hours with maximum 10A input current.

5. What's the recommended temperature range for storage?

- for storage -4°F to 113°F (-20°C to 45°C)

6. What's the recommended temperature range for use of Tera?

- In discharge, it requires -10°C to 45°C(14-113°F); In charge, it requires 0 to 40°C(32-104°F).

7. What's Tera's lifespan?

- 1000cycle (70%) (70mai Tera 1000's capacity will be higher than 70% after 1000 cycle of full recharge).

8. Which type of cables can be used to connect solar panels to Tera1000?

- 70mai solar panel provides MC4 to Anderson cable to connect one solar panel to the power station. And MC4 Y-branch cable is provided for two solar panels in parallel connection.

9. Can I use third party solar panels with Tera 1000?

- Yes,70mai power station Tera 1000 is compatible with most solar panels if the OCV(open circuit voltage) of the solar panel is between 12V and 27V, but the panels we've created maximize efficiency while giving you 2 more USB ports.

10. Can I use solar panels charge other devices directly?

- Yes, it can charge mobile devices directly with 2 build-in USB ports.

11. What kind of devices Tera 1000 can charge?

- The Tera has a rated power of 1200W and a surge power of 2400W,allow the Tera to charge any mobile devices, the majority of outdoor appliances,and a wide variety of home appliances.

12. What kind of battery does Tera 1000 use?

- Tera 1000 uses NCM Lithium-ion battery cell that is mature technology widely used in EV, E-bike and electric appliances,etc.

13. What's in the package?

- The package includes:Power station*1 Car charging cable*1 AC power cord*1 Power cord storage bag*1 User manual*1.

14. What the APP can do?

- You can use the app to monitor and control Tera 1000 operation, change mode and setttings as well as OTA for upgrade.

15. Does Tera 1000 have a built-in MPPT controller?

Yes, it does. Tera 1000 has 98% MPPT tracking efficiency.

16. What kinds of operation mode does Tera 1000 have?

- There are three modes:
Auto mode: automatic turn off when output is idle, which saves battery energy.
AC Charge mode: fast and standard, standard charge mode provides low fan noise charge;
Timing mode: timing for AC and DC output on/off, which makes your appliance smart.

17. How many inputs does Tera 1000 have ?

- Three.8mm DC port and Andersen(for DC input) and AC plug.

18. Can I change the output voltage?

- Yes,The AC output voltage can be set by the user as 100V/110V/120V for the US version and 220V/230V/240V for other versions as well as 50/60Hz according to the situation of the country and region.

19. What information can I know from the display ?

- The 2.8inch color LCD screen shows more details on Tera 1000 like wattage and estimated time for charge/discharge, operation mode and settings, alarm notification and code etc. And you can control and set power station via navigation buttons, which beside the screen, for a more convenient user experience.

20. Can two products be used in parallel?

- Not yet, but we will develop this feature in future.


21. What is the warranty policy?

- We offer exclusive 2-year warranty for our pre-order customer, and 18 months warranty for standard customers.

22. Have any other questions?

- Please contact us via help-powerstation@70mai.com.