70mai Vacuum Cleaner Swift


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      · 5000Pa Suction for Effective Cleaning
      · 24min Long Runtime
      · Innovative Ventilation Design
      · Clean All Corners of Your Car
      · Compact & Easy to Store。

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70mai Vacuum Cleaner
Swift Swift

  • 5000Pa Suction for Effective Cleaning
  • 24min Long Runtime
  • Innovative Ventilation Design
  • Widely Used with Nozzle Set
  • Compact & Easy to Store

Powerful Suction, Effective Cleaning

Pressurize with multi-level cyclone air flow and designed with spiral fan blade. The powerful suction can ensure quick, deep cleaning since you can easily collect food residue, dust, hair and powder inside the car.

Long Battery Runtime

Equipped 4 batteries with 2000mAh. Enough to complete a thorough car cleaning without feeling the need to hurry.

Improve Air Quality with HEPA Filter

Double filtration system reduces contamination in vacuum exhaust air, ensuring that you aren't breathing the dirt and dust you are trying to clean.

*HEPA filter (High Efficiency Particulate Air Filter), as defined by the United States Department of Energy (DOE), capture at least 99.97% of particles with a diameter greater than or equal to 0.3 micron.The HEPA filter of 70mai Vacuum Cleaner Swift is class H11 and capture at least 95% of 0.1 micron particles.

  • Bacteria: Around 0.3 micron
  • Pollen: 10 to 1000 micron
  • Dust: 1 to 100 micron

Avoid Raising Dust

Unique ventilation structure makes the wind blow parallel to the ground, avoiding blowing your face, hand and raising dust.

Widely Used with Nozzle Set

With 2 different attachments, including a flat attachment for narrow corners and a brush attachment for carpet and hair, you will always find it easy to clean up messes on multiple surfaces without leaving scratches.

Easy to Store

Lighter than standard vacuums, which can be put in cup holder, cabinet and pocket of your car and save much space.

Quieter Clean

70mai Vacuum Cleaner Swift could lower the sound to 65db when it works, providing you and your family with a quiet cleaning.

Flexible Access to Anywhere

Free your movement for cleaning your car, hard-to-reach corners or any other high place as there is no cord attached to it.

Comfortable Use with Ergonomic Handle

The ergonomic U-shape handle is designed for a comfortable grip to avoid accidental dropping and injury.

Simple steps to clean it

Why do I need a 70mai Vacuum Cleaner Swift, rather than a traditional car or household vacuum cleaner?

70mai Vacuum Cleaner Swift is specifically designed for cleaning your car. The specialized attachments make it quick and easy to clean spaces between and underneath your seats without leaving scratches. It is convenient, lightweight and compact, making cleaning enjoyable and easier.

70mai 70mai Vacuum Cleaner Swift Traditional Car Vacuum Cleaner Household Vacuum Cleaner
Weight 0.7kg Average 2.5 kg Average 8kg
Size Small, potable, can be easily stored Big, not easy to be carried along Too big too move around, and the long hose and tube can be awkward to store.
Accessibility Easy to clean some hard-to-reach corners Hard to move to reach the deepest corner Not suitable for tackling smaller cleaning jobs
Corded or cordless Allow you to get into tight and deepest places in your cars without a cord getting caught in the car door or on a tire. Most of them are corded Restricted by cord length or proximity to power sockets when cleaning.
Filtration HEPA 11 filter Some may leave your indoor air quality worse Always release some bacteria, dust, and allergens back into the air due to the poor filtration
Attachments 1* Brush Attachment, 1* Flat Attachment X X
Noise 65db Around 75db Around 75db
Parameters of 70mai Vacuum Cleaner Swift
Max Suction Around 5000pa
Dust holder capacity 100ml
Battery capacity 7.4V 4000mAh (29.6Wh)
Input 5V/2A
Charging time 3h (5V/2A charging)
Rated power 80W
Rated voltage DC 7.4V
Battery runtime Around 24min
Weight 700g
Dimensions 312mm(Length); 73mm(Diameter)