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70mai Dash Cam A400 Review: a good affordable dashcam

70mai Dash Cam A400 Review: a good affordable dashcam

Dashcams used to be something out of science fiction movies. When they first appeared, not everyone could afford them. But they quickly became cheaper, entering a period when finding something decent was quite difficult. There were many models, but they were all of dubious quality and had to be attached to the glass on an incomprehensible bracket. But some time has passed and gradually quality has come into this world. The price remained quite affordable on average, but the models began to perform better and better, gradually receiving new functions, among which, of course, was access through the app. Today we will talk about a fairly fresh model that is often unfairly forgotten. It may not be the best on the market, but we have something to tell about it.

When buying a dashcam, you need to choose a good one, not necessarily expensive, but necessarily high-quality.

Who is 70mai?

Many are familiar with the 70mai brand. This is a company that has a direct relationship to the well-known Xiaomi. Sometimes it seems that all more or less decent Chinese gadgets are produced either by Xiaomi itself, or by its subsidiaries, or simply partners.

70mai Dash Cam A400 Review

What I like about the 70mai Dash Cam A400, which we will talk about today, is its appearance. Dashcams on suction cup mounts are a thing of the past and are really convenient only for devices that attach themselves to the glass. Ideally, if it's something like the 70mai Dash Cam A800, which I talked about earlier, but the A400 also attaches very well to the glass.

To compensate for the curvature of the glass, the lens can deviate at a fairly large angle in all directions, which means it will fit in any car. To install, you will need to stick an antistatic film on the glass, and the dashcam itself will already be attached to it. If you need to remove it (for example, if you changed your car), it will be very easy to do. The film will come off the glass without streaks, and it will be very easy to remove it from the dashcam itself. I did it myself and I know what I'm talking about. The kit includes two films and two strips of double-sided tape.

The device simply sticks to the glass without any extra brackets.

1. What's in the 70mai Dash Cam A400 package?

The package contains only a few items. It includes the 70mai Dash Cam A400, a long cable that is long enough to reach almost any part of the car, an adapter for the cigarette lighter, a spatula for laying the wire under the interior trim, and a spare mounting kit. You don't need to use the cigarette lighter adapter if your car has built-in USB ports. I connected the dashcam this way. It can even work from a power bank - I tried it.

The package does not contain anything superfluous, but it has everything you need for use. You will only need to buy a microSD memory card if you don't have one.

2. Dashcam with high resolution

The most important thing in a dashcam is the quality of the video. The 70mai Dash Cam A400 dashcam shoots in Full HD resolution at 30 frames per second. The image is quite clear, and even in low light conditions, everything is visible. The viewing angle is 130 degrees, which is enough to cover almost everything in front of the car.

3. How to control the dashcam?

The dashcam is controlled through the 70mai APP. You can download it from Google Play or the App Store. The APP is intuitive and easy to use. You can view saved videos, adjust settings, and even watch live video from the camera.

4. Dashcam settings

The dashcam has a lot of settings that you can adjust to your liking. For example, you can turn on loop recording, set the length of the video clips, adjust the sensitivity of the G-sensor, turn on parking mode, and much more.

How 70mai Dash Cam A400 works?

The dashcam shoots quite well. The image is clear and detailed. Even license plates are visible at a distance. The dashcam copes well with backlighting and low light conditions.

Is it worth buying the 70mai Dash Cam A400 dashcam?

In general, the 70mai Dash Cam A400 is a good affordable option. It shoots well, has a convenient mounting system, and is easy to use. If you are looking for a budget option, then this dashcam is definitely worth considering.

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