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Why do you need a rear cam?

A rearview dash cam can provide you with an extra set of eyes while driving, allowing you to monitor the road behind you and alerting you to potential hazards. It can also help capture evidence in an accident or other incident.

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Dual-Channel Dash Cams


A810 4K HDR Dash Cam


A500S Dash Cam


A800S 4K Dash Cam


A400 Dash Cam

Keep monitoring when you're away with the hardwire kit.

A hardwire kit ensures your dash cam gets all the power it needs to record, so it can't run out of battery while driving or parked somewhere with limited outlet access.

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Why choose 70mai's memory card?

Tailored for 70mai dash cam, 70mai micro SD card is durable and reliable, with high performance in repeated writing cycles. It reduces the risk of losing important recordings due to card errors.

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How does the CPL filter work?

A Circular Polarizing Lens filter can be used to significantly improve image quality, reduce glare (especially glare from water, glass, and other reflective surfaces) , and enhance safety by providing clearer footage.


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Emily Johnson

"Best dashcam on the market, especially when you hard wire it. I got into an accident last September 2023 and it captured the whole footage of my car getting rear-ended..."


Mark Williams

"You will spend the first few weeks using the functions saying shoot left ,shoot right, shoot inside ,shoot blog, take selfie and so on. and the quality is good. It all works well and you know its going to do its job. Best dash camera I have ever had."


David Thompson

"I bought the A810 with the rearcam and hardwire, the best investment I could have done, the new sensor is insane, the images are real 4k videos and the whole combo makes it better for your car security system."


Rebecca Lee

"Excellent dashcam. Easy to install and no hassle to use. They sync with the app is very handy so you can view and download videos from your phone. The picture quality is very good for the front camera as well."


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